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Professional Lime Spreading Services & Trucking

Lime spreading ensures proper pH for growing crops

Lime Spreading Services and Trucking for Vermont New York and New England

A proper soil pH is essential for optimal crop production especially here in the Northeast region, including New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. The need to add lime to acid soils is just as important as the use of fertilizer and proper plant varieties.

Lime Spreading Unlocks the Fertility of Your Soil

Lime Spreading Services and Trucking for Vermont New York and New England

Your soil may have all the nutrients needed already present... but if the pH of your soil is too low (acidic), those nutrients are simply unavailable to your crops. By adding lime we increase the pH that allows the soil to attach the needed nutrients and make them available to crops. In fact, without maintaining a proper pH, the increased yield potential of the newer varieties is not possible.

Free Initial pH test and Consultation

Lime Spreading Services and Trucking for Vermont New York and New England

We'll start the process with a free consultation at your farm, measure field size, and a preliminary pH test to see if lime is needed. If you choose to continue with us, we'll get a soil sample for complete analysis and develop a lime spreading plan that is suited to your particular situation.

How Much Lime Spreading is Needed?

With the increasing costs of limestone it is essential to correctly calculate the Effective Neutralizing Value (ENV). The ENV is the amount of lime required in order to react with the soil to increase soil pH within the first year after application. The amount of lime we need to add depends on your soil texture and organic matter content. These factors act as a buffer to changes in soil pH, so in order to correctly adjust your soil to the proper pH, enough lime must be added to account for the soil buffer capacity.
We calculate the ENV based on three different forms of soil acidity:

  • • Active acidity (pH)
  • • Salt-replaceable acidity
  • • Residual acidity

Once calculated in the lab, the result is a measure of the amount of exchangeable acidity (EA). This amount, plus the current pH, the base saturation of the soil at current and desired pH, and finally the tillage depth allows us to calculate the correct lime recommendation for your soil.

What About "No-Till" Applications?

In a no-till situation, the soil is not mixed and the pH values of the two soil layers (0-1" and 0-6") are considered in their own right. Typically one of three management options are followed;

  • 1. Surface pH is low, but the pH of the 0-6" zone is good
  • 2. Both layers are acidic and need lime
  • 3. Surface pH is good, but the 0-6" layer is low. Depending on the situation of your soil, the proper lime spreading option will be recommended to you.

Additional Agriservices

Lime Spreading Services and Trucking for Vermont New York and New England
In addition to our professional lime spreading services, we also offer:

  • • Trucking Services with
       Bulk Dump Hauling Trailors
  • • Fertilizer Spreading Services
  • • Soil Sampling and Testing
  • • Spreading Cart Rental

Professional pH Testing and Spreading Increases Yields and Saves Money

It's easy to know if you need lime... a simple pH test will tell you that. But what is not immediately obvious is how much. We'll start by doing a basic field pH test, but then we will have your soil fully analyzed by the University of Vermont Laboratory before determining a lime spreading recommendation. Ideally you should plan on having your soil tested at least once every three years to ensure that you are getting the best possbile yields. Using the correct amount of limestone ensures you pay only what you need to for the best result possible.

Over 100 Years of Experience

Lime Spreading Services and Trucking for Vermont New York and New England

We are farmers first and foremost! With over 100 years of combined experience, you can be sure that you will get the full benefit of our knowledge being put to work to give you the best possible crop yields. Because we know this region, we understand the challenges of our climate, soil types, and plant varieties and how it relates to what you face on your farm. We look forward to working with you!

Lime Spreading and Trucking Capabilities

Lime Spreading Services and Trucking for Vermont New York and New England

We have numerous trucks, spreaders, and equipment to service all situations and acreages. Typically at least five acres is needed to be cost effective.